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How the Doctoral Dissertation Process Works?


Working on a doctoral dissertation is one of the toughest jobs. It involves a lot of hard work. But with proper planning and adequate research, you can get it covered with perfection. To simplify your work of preparing a dissertation, just follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Think about the problem:

The main purpose of writing a dissertation is to think about a problem. There must be an urgent need to investigate it. 

We are not talking about general problems. It must be such that good research is to be conducted to arrive at the solutions. It is not necessary that your solution must be accurate. You have to arrive at the best one that may solve it. Based on this, you have to decide on your topic.

2. Frame your topic:

Your topic must be such that the readers get your intention of the study. Keep an interesting topic for your report. This will attract your readers more towards it.

3. Draft a proposal:

Draft a proposal for your topic to be approved. It must be written in a persuasive manner. Your proposal must state the reasons for choosing such a topic. It must focus on the main problems that you want to redress. Include the methodologies to be adopted in solving it. 

4. Choose your mentor:

After getting your topic selected, choose a faculty who will mentor your dissertation work. Be assured that your mentor is an expert in this field. You will be conducting your entire work under them. See whether you are comfortable working with them. Also, ensure that your mentor has enough time to help you out with your work.  
5. Research and analysis:

Depending upon the depth of your research, decide whether you want to go for primary research or secondary research. Based on this, choose the appropriate methodology to be applied.

Doctoral Dissertation

Gather all the information required to arrive at your solutions. Remove all the irrelevant ones collected. Give adequate time in conducting your research. The quality of your content will entirely depend on this. 

6. Prepare your content:

After completing your research work, start preparing your content. You have to list down all the important points in a separate sheet. Write content for each of the points noted. Keep your main focus on solving your problems. Ensure that all the information is directed towards it. The content for each of your topic must be adequate. Do not include information which is irrelevant to your readers. 

7. Discus the solutions:

This is the most important part of your content. You have thoroughly discussed the problems observed by you on the topic. Now, you have to state the alternative solutions for them. Among these, choose the most appropriate one. You must state adequate reasons for choosing it. The solution arrived must be practical and not just a hypothetical assumption. 

8. Proper Format:

There is a pre-described format for a dissertation report. The entire content must be sub-divided into the following:

  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Research Methodology
  • Observation
  • Conclusion  

Make sure that proper content is drafted for each of the topics. Also, ensure that the content is written using an appropriate font. Keep the font size such that it is neither too small nor too big. 

9. Summarize your points:

It is very important to summarize all the important points at the end. Generally, a conclusion does that for your report. Restate all the important points backed with supportive information and evidence. The main aim of writing it is to remind the readers about the reasons for writing your report. Keep in mind not to include any new information in it. In case, any point remains unexplained in your report, draft an adequate explanation for it too. The conclusion must be closure for your report. If required, you can suggest your readers for additional research upon your topic. 

10. Proofread your content:

In the end, proofread your entire work. It is common to commit grammatical or punctuation or spelling mistakes in your report. By proofreading your work, you will be ensured that your report will be completely free from any such errors. 

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