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Top 5 tips for writing your dissertation literature review


Finding your dissertation to be very hard? Looking out for help with your literature review in your dissertation? Well, you have arrived at the best place.

 Let us begin by understanding what a literature review is:

A literature review is a summary of writing, written by accredited scholars and researchers upon a given topic.

The main aim behind writing a literature review is to give your reader an idea upon the content and knowledge that has already been published on the given topic.

Dissertation Literature

The literature review is one of the most important parts of your dissertation report. It is very important to draft it as per the format prescribed. 

While writing the literature review, keep in mind the following points:

  • Discuss the main objective behind conducting your research
  • Discuss the problems observed by you upon the given topic.
  • Discuss your arguments and possible solutions to solve the problems obsessed with the topic

The literature review written by you must be able to answer the following questions:

  • What are the specific problems that your research is focusing on?
  • What type of literature review you are thinking to conduct?
  • Is your literature review adequate to define the scope of your research involved?
  • Is your literature review good enough to help you find the information required?
  • Is your literature review adequate to critically analyze the topic involved in your research?
  • Is the literature review appropriate and adequate?

Writing a literature review can be difficult. Below mentioned are five tips that can help you and drafting a very attractive literature review for your report:

Draft your set of questions:

There must be a set of questions that you are willing to answer before starting with your research. The literature review must answer all the questions in your mind. 

It would be a waste of time if you start writing your literature review that has no relation to the questions you require to be answered. You must be sure that the literature review is focused upon answering all such required questions that will help you in achieving the objectives behind your research.

Ability in research:

The literature review must adequately define your ability involved in researching the given topic. This will help the readers in assuring that you have conducted adequate research upon the given topic.

Focus on your content:

The literature review focuses upon the books, articles or blogs that you have been studying in order to gain information upon the given topic. It must contain all these to enable the reader to locate the possible source of the information upon the topic.

This helps in enhancing the genuineness behind the content involved in your report. Keep in mind not to include any source that is irrelevant to the readers. None of the information must be misleading or unfair.

State your observations:

While stating the analysis of the literature review, it is important to state a few observations you have arrived upon the given topic. You can also mention a conclusion drafted upon your topic. Keep in mind to back your observations and findings with supporting evidence and information.

You should mention the problems that you have observed upon the given topic. State the alternative solutions in brief that you think may be appropriate in solving the stated problems.

The validity of your sources:

You are required to prove that the sources from where you have procured the information are valid. The readers will be more interested in going through your report if they confirm that the information involved is genuine and not miss-leading. If you are making a dissertation upon a technical topic, you are required to state that all the calculations involved in your report are true and fair.

You may also require procuring your information from a given source. Thus, you need to prove the validity of that source to enhance the credibility of your information.

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